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1920s, 1930s, 1960s, 1980s, adam and the ants, adhd, alien sex fiend, alpha flight, amanda palmer, androgyny, angura kei, anthropology, argyle, batcave, bauhaus, berg katse, blackadder, brian eno, brideshead revisited, brogues, bruce timm, castles, cats, cecil beaton, christian death, cid highwind, cinema strange, comic books, corsetry, cricket sweaters, david bowie, deathrock, design, diy, eccentricity, edgar allan poe, egl, evelyn waugh, fashion, fashion design, final fantasy, frank zappa, gatchaman, gender, glam rock, gogol bordello, gothic fashion, gundam wing, harry potter, helen kane, hello kitty, iceman, iggy pop, inugami circus-dan, jacques brel, john lydon, joseph sheridan le fanu, joy division, judy garland, kate bush, klaus nomi, labyrinth, language, lene lovich, linguistics, loki, lolita fashion, lucifer luscious violenoue, m.r. james, magneto, makeup, marlene dietrich, mervyn peake, mod fashion, namor, neil gaiman, new romantic, new wave, nick cave, non sequiturs, nonconformity, northstar, ouji, oujisama, p.g. wodehouse, pansexuality, patti smith, percy weasley, pet shop of horrors, pirates, pj harvey, polka dots, psmith, punk, queer, quicksilver, raffles, rasputina, reading, rpg maker, rpgs, sarcasm, sci fi, science fiction, sephiroth, serge gainsbourg, severus snape, sewing, sex pistols, sherlock holmes, sinead o'connor, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, slash, slytherin, snape, snes, sopor aeternus, spank!, spider-man, star trek, star wars, starscream, stephen tennant, sub-mariner, surrealism, sylar, tank girl, teddy ruxpin, the addams family, the birthday party, the dark crystal, the supremes, the who, transformers, tweed, twiggy, velvet underground, villains, visage, vladimir nabokov, willy wonka, winona ryder, withnail & i, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs, young avengers, zebra stripes
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